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Extract ALL pictures from Powerpoint in seconds

Here is a very simple tip to extract and save ALL images from powerpoint in 5 seconds

Extract ALL pictures from Powerpoint in 5 seconds

Extract ALL pictures from Powerpoint in seconds


The picture should explain everything.

If you need help, here’s the gist.

  1. First make sure that file-extensions are visible (so that you can see the .pptx or .docx)
  2. Click and rename the .pptx or .docx to .zip
  3. Right click and extract to a new folder
  4. Open the folder and go to pptx/media
  5. Enjoy



If your file extensions are not visible, the easiest way to make it seen is to

  1. go to My Computer
  2. Press Alt (This makes File / Edit / Tools , etc visible on top)
  3. Tools > Folder Options > Show Extensions for known file types.

How to take a screenshot/photo of your Android phone screen

Many times, we might need to keep a photo of what is displayed on your mobile screen.

It may be for a quick note from an eBook, part of a webpage, snapshot of a message or Whatsapp chat, store a snapchat, etc.

Android has this feature built-in, no need for any extra screen capture software.

  1. Open what you need to screenshot
  2. Press and hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time(for a few seconds)
    • Note: For Samsung Galaxy S phones, use power and home buttons(not volume)
  3. The mobile should take a photo of the screen and save it in the gallery
  4. Open gallery to get the photo(in Screenshot folder)

How to format or factory reset your Android mobile

There are many ways to do a factory reset on an Android phone. But before that, it’s always wise to make a backup – especially of contacts, photos and messages.

I’ll list them out as simple as possible.

If the phone is turned on and accessible

  1. Go to Settings > (Personal) Backup & Reset > Factory Data reset > Reset phone
  2. Some phones allow you to leave the phone memory photos and files as it is at this point.


If the phone is turned off and/or locked 

  1. Power off the phone
  2. Keep the volume up button pressed, and simultaneously press the power up button for a few seconds till it turns on
  3. Phone should load into boot screen
  4. Use volume up and down to highlight Factory reset and power button to select the option


If your phone is stolen and you want your data erased

  1. Open Android Device Manager (https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager) in a computer
  2. Login with the Google account used on your phone/tablet of interest
  3. You can make it ring, lock it or Erase
  4. Click Erase and continue


Get more clarity from your LCD monitor by reversing the flow of Liquid Crystal

This tip is valid only for the newer LCD monitors. Older CRT monitors do not have the Liquid Crystal Display, so this method may be ineffective.

The science behind this is to reverse the flow of the Liuid Crystal of your LCD display so hat the polarisation of light is achieved at a shorter bandwidth and higher frequency, thus reducing the interference and diffraction at the crystal-air interface.

This leads to a lesser surface tension equivalent at the interface and the Gaussian distribution of polarity of light takes place at a higher peak leading to a better picture quality.

The monitor can be made to correct to the upright position by pressing

Ctrl – Alt – (Down Arrow)

Your New Viewing Experience

At YouTube, we’re always looking to improve the way you watch videos online. As part of that, today we’re excited to introduce our new page layout. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your new YouTube viewing experience:


Turn your monitor upside-down

Our internal tests have shown that modern computer monitors give a higher quality picture when put upside down—just like it’s best to rotate your mattress every six months. You might find that YouTube videos look better this way.


Tilt your head to the side

Imagine you have water in your ear and need to get it out. Tilt your head towards one shoulder and watch the video (gentle head-smacking on the opposite side is optional).


Move to Australia

As you probably know, everything in Australia is upside-down, so moving to Australia may provide you with a more natural YouTube viewing experience. (Note: If you live Down Under and the page is still upside-down for you, then we recommended moving to the northern hemisphere.)

Of course, if you prefer the way things used to be, just click the “I prefer the old-fashioned layout!” when watching a video.

Happy April 1st!

Gmail now has autoresponder with Intelligence via Cadie

Ever found that the task of replying to emails is too tedious. Well, so have I.

So now, Gmail has launched a new feature so that you don’t have to worry about replying to another email ever again.

Gmail AutopilotTM by CADIE

Sample Autopilot responses

Respond to business proposals

Manage relationships

Match your personal style