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Indian football team in FIFA 2018 qualifiers – Chak De India !

Cricket is the national sport of India. So much time, energy and attention goes to cricket that other sports are mostly ignored. India has won the Cricket World Cup a couple of times, but was nowhere to be found in the football world cup.

Well, this time we have a chance to set that right.

The Indian team’s football team has qualified into the FIFA-2018 qualifiers(after defeating Nepal in the pre-qualifier)


Our Indian Football Team needs whole Indian’s support to win Qualifying matches of Fifa World Cup 2018 – Russia. The match schedule is —–
11th June – India vs Oman(Home)
16th June – Guam vs India(Away)
8th Sept – India vs Iran(Home)
8th Oct -Turkmenistan vs India(Away)
13th Oct – Oman vs India(Away)
12th Nov – India vs Guam(Home)
24th March – Iran vs India(Away)
29th March – India vs Turkmenistan (Home)


Chak De India !