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Extract ALL pictures from Powerpoint in seconds

Here is a very simple tip to extract and save ALL images from powerpoint in 5 seconds

Extract ALL pictures from Powerpoint in 5 seconds

Extract ALL pictures from Powerpoint in seconds


The picture should explain everything.

If you need help, here’s the gist.

  1. First make sure that file-extensions are visible (so that you can see the .pptx or .docx)
  2. Click and rename the .pptx or .docx to .zip
  3. Right click and extract to a new folder
  4. Open the folder and go to pptx/media
  5. Enjoy



If your file extensions are not visible, the easiest way to make it seen is to

  1. go to My Computer
  2. Press Alt (This makes File / Edit / Tools , etc visible on top)
  3. Tools > Folder Options > Show Extensions for known file types.

Powerpoint 2007 Viewer : .pptx file not opening ? Problem solved

Did you make a Powerpoint presentation in Microsoft Office 2007 with absolutely fantastic animations and mind boggling themes ? Then did you take it to another computer, ready to stun the entire audience with your brilliant presentation skills ?

Then what happened ?

Here are a few examples.

Jon Doe : I made an excellent presentation spending hours and hours. It was so good, I thought it was the best presentation I ever made. i used MS Office 2007 at home. When I finally took it to my class for the seminar presentation, it PowerPoint file just refused to open. I double clicked and it said ” Open With” and a dialog box came up asking me to choose the program to open this type of file ( .pptx )

The Cure

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Use this free software ” Powerpoint 2007 Viewer” (pptx file opener)

Download free Powerpoint 2007 pptx viewer software

With this software, you can open Powerpoint files made in Office 2007 in any computer (including Linux, Ubuntu, Kubuntu if you have Wine software)

It is an absoltely free software and just needs to be downloaded and installed in administrator mode ( main computer user mode )

Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer allows you to view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97 or later versions.

The PowerPoint Viewer also supports opening password-protected Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer is a small application that enables PowerPoint users to share their presentations with people who do not use PowerPoint for Windows.

The PowerPoint Viewer allows users to view and print presentations exactly as they were created in the original program.

More download links

Some links might give faster download sppeds than others, so if you are in a hurry, try each link to see which is faster, so you still have time to rehearse your presentation. All the best for your presentation !!

Download free Powerpoint 2007 pptx viewer software

Major Geeks download Powerpoint 2007 viewer

This site is

Download Powerpoint 2007 Viewer link 3

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Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 viewers page

CNET download Powerpoint 2007 viewer

From CNET Powerpoint 2007 (slow download speed)

All the best for your presentation !!!

Tell me how it went. This site is

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