Mika Brzezinski MSNBC anchor refuses to air Paris Hilton junk

Mika Emilie Leonia Brzezinski refused to anchor a Paris Hilton news report. Brezinski,(born May 2, 1967) is co-host of MSNBC’s morning program Morning Joe airing weekdays from 6-9am ET

On being given Paris Hilton’s jail release as the top story, she gets angry and tries to burn the story, but cannot get the lighter to work (and a colleague takes the lighter back).

Then, she tears the news (yuck !) report . Her colleague keeps the remains and probably it will come up on eBay for auction soon. Would be worth something.

Then, she is given a copy of the report (Paris Hitlon released from jail – cries and acts like a sissy in prison – of course she is a blonde, deosn’t have to act)

This copy, Mika puts in a Paper Shredder Machine. And her colleagues tell her that she changed the world (sarcasm ?)

She retorts ” At least my world ” Did she change your world too ?

Viewers say !

Mika, i write from Poland. It was fantastic. Myślę, że wielu ludzi w Polsce tak myśli. Co za dużo to nie zdrowo. Jeszcze rozumiem te informacje w Stanach, ale nie na całym świecie.

You have my support as well! Thank you so much for standing up for the rest of us that are so tired of crap news these days. There are many more important issues to be reported on instead of entertainment news!

C’est vrai que ca parrait stupide de commencer avec paris hilton sort de prison,puis d’enchainer,la guerre en iraq a fait encore plus de victime,en rappelant que les informations les plus importantes arrivent en general en premier

Viewers say :

I support her completely! I hope the company backs her decision to decide what the real news is. I will say it over and over again the troops over seas are the ones we should be thinking about. This just shows how insensitive and pathetic the news media is, besides Mika…she rocks I completely respect her for this!!

Totally agree with her point. Except I don’t think she’s being sincere. Since when does FoxNoise give a crap NEWS?

How long did they spend on the “bit”??? How about just not reporting it, instead of a 5 minute bit about how your not going to report the lead story.

Full of crap.

Paris Hilton complaints about not being treated like a rich person in jail. No wonder why people don’t take her serious.

Mika Brzezinski congratulation for taking a bold step in exposing the commercial interests that are motivating the major media. However, I noticed that your hair is not naturally blonde, which means you subscribe to the image of beauty for which Paris is the #1 spokeswoman (Barbie). However, I can tell by your frustration and the reaction of your co-neanderthals that your reaction was not scripted. So again I say “Kudos!”